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Wall Accent & Pillar Lighting in Carmel, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas

Wall accent and pillar lighting in Carmel, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding New York areas

With the decorative outdoor lighting options available from Lit Landscapes, you can ensure that the beauty of your home is preserved even when the sun goes down. In addition to contributing to the home’s overall sense of safety and protection, our wall accent and pillar lights can help bring out its aesthetic appeal. Each of our fixtures comes from well-respected manufacturers and are designed to withstand the test of time. In addition, all of our outdoor lighting systems are equipped with Lutron Smart Bridge technology, so you can control it from a mobile device. If you’re ready to illuminate your home and bring some curb appeal to your property contact Lit Landscapes today at (845) 403-1556.

Wall and Pillar Lighting in Brewster, NY and the Surrounding Areas

Wall and pillar lighting in direct and indirect combinations has grown in popularity for modern outdoor areas. The light is thrown straight from the fixture towards the intended area or surface in direct lighting, whereas indirect lighting uses a reflector to bounce the light off another surface before illuminating a room. For producing numerous lighting effects, adding drama, and spotlighting specific characteristics of an interior space, this strategy of combining direct and indirect pillar wall linear lights provides additional flexibility.

Wall Accent and Pillar Lighting Options

Get a new set of wall and pillar lights to show off to your neighbors. You can change the color and style to match the outside of your home giving your house a great, clean look. Your new column lights can also match our other outdoor lighting, which can be put on your front door, hung from your porch ceiling, or put on either side of your garage door. The options are endless. Our wall and pillar lights are made to last and come in a range of modern styles. They are also made of high-quality materials. Choose from modern outdoor pillar lights that will make a big difference in your outdoor area. Wall accent and pillar lighting is the way to go for style that’s easy to pull off.

Start Your Outdoor Wall and Pillar Lighting Journey Today

Starting Your Lighting Project

The first steps to illuminating your home start with understanding your needs.  Our lighting contractors will work closely with you to come up with an overall plan for your space and create an estimate.  Finally, we’ll visit your home to finalize the plans, create the contract, and set up an installation date.

Lifetime Guarantee

As part of our lifetime guarantee, Lit Landscapes offers a maintenance agreement for all of our decorative outdoor lighting services.  This service includes our team coming out twice a year to perform repairs, adjust any fixtures, and clean the system.

Contact Us

If you’re ready to light up your outdoor living space and bring some curb appeal to your property with landscape lighting, contact Lit Landscapes online or by calling (845) 403-1556.