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Swimming Pool Lighting in Brewster, Carmel, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas

Create the perfect area to relax and entertain with swimming pool lighting services in Brewster, Carmel, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding New York areas

There’s nothing quite like a nighttime swim or poolside celebration, so why not make the most of your area by installing some swimming pool lighting? With Lit Landscape’s pool light installation services, you can have gorgeous lighting installed in and around your pool so that you can use it whenever you like.  If you’re ready to dive into brilliance with swimming pool lighting and create a captivating ambiance and maximize safety, contact Lit Landscapes today at (845) 403-1556.

Swimming Pool Lighting in Brewster, NY & the surrounding areas

The aesthetics of your pool can be improved by swimming pool lighting, which also increases the amount of fun you can have after dark. Lights can provide illumination for late-night swimming sessions in addition to creating an eye-catching underwater light show. Many pool light designs can be installed on the walls around your swimming pool, or they can be integrated into your diving board, slide attachment, steps, or in-ground pool’s edge. If you’d like something a little more adaptable, think about putting in some floating lights, which look wonderful whether they’re positioned in the middle of your pool or in shadowed areas around the edge. Any form of a lighting system will enable you to enjoy swimming even after dark by creating a magical atmosphere.

Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas

You can make your pool area safer by lighting the way to it with recessed lamps. When getting to and from your pool at night, safety is the most important thing, so you need enough light to see where you’re going. A big, bright pool light that is submerged in the water makes it easy for everyone to see the pool’s edges and makes it safe to swim late at night.

String lights outside are also a great way to add a little bit of magic to a pool area. Simple underwater lighting make the pool glow in an inviting way, and sleek outdoor wall lights on the outside of the house add more light and fit in well with the rest of the setting.

Large lanterns with LED lights inside are sometimes the best way to get back to basics. Lanterns can add a romantic, fairytale-like feeling to your space. Place them around the edge of your pool to make a magical scene that will be fun to be in at night. When the sun goes down, this setup really comes to life thanks to the lanterns, the warm-colored uplights, and the classic underwater pool lights.

If your pool is close to your house, a garden wall, or a pool house, you should put wall lights on your house to make the most of the room. From classic, ornate designs to simple metal ones, you can choose a swimming pool lighting style that fits the outside of your house and your garden plans.

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In order to provide our clients with a premium system, we have formed strong partnerships with the most reputable lighting manufacturers in the business and assembled a team of highly skilled lighting technicians. You have your choice of a number of different styles and fixtures that are all able to withstand even the most severe of New York’s climate conditions. Our outdoor lighting systems also utilize Lutron Smart Bridge technology, so you have full control of your lighting system right from your mobile devices.

After we have finished your swimming pool lighting installation, as part of the maintenance agreement we have with you, we will return twice a year to fully service your system. This includes removing any yard growth, adjusting your lighting fixtures, making any necessary repairs or replacements, and cleaning all of the lights.

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When you contact our office, our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and create a plan for your system.  We’ll then schedule a time to visit you to fully detail out the work and provide you with an estimate and contract.  When everything is all signed we’ll then schedule a date for your  installation.  Start the process today by filling our our online form or calling (845) 403-1556.