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Walkway Lighting in Carmel, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding areas

Low voltage walkway lighting to illuminate your outdoor pathing in Carmel, Yorktown, Poughkeepsie and surrounding New York areas

Lit Landscapes provides low voltage walkway lighting solutions that enhance the safety, functionality, and beauty of your pathing, walkways, and driveways.  When night falls, don’t let every step be a mystery.  Instead, be able to enjoy and safely traverse your yard with a quality outdoor lighting system. If you’re ready to light up your outdoor living space and bring some curb appeal to your property contact Lit Landscapes today at (845) 403-1556.

Walkway Lighting in Brewster, NY

Walkway lighting from Lit Landscapes will fill your entryway with a warm glow. Path lights can be installed along the steps leading up to your entrance door lighting, next to the driveway, or on walks all across the yard. They are ideal for boosting safety on your property while improving curb appeal. These designs are an essential component of a lighting strategy that, when combined with other landscape lighting, is sure to make your home the gem of the neighborhood after dark. To find out how walkway lighting may change your outside space, contact us now.

Best Uses for Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting is a great way to make your property safer and make it look better. You can put them on the steps to your front door, along your road, or on walkways in your yard. When used with other outdoor lighting, these designs are an important part of a plan that will make your house the envy of the whole neighborhood when it gets dark. Path lights not only make your home safer and more attractive, but they also help welcome guests and make landscaping chores easier. Path lights that are above the ground make it easier to clear snow in the winter because it’s easier to see where the sidewalk ends and the grass starts. This keeps the grass and plants from getting damaged when spring comes. In-ground or recessed path lights are best for places that get a lot of use, like walkways, gardens, or the area complemented by pool lighting. These lights are put in so that they are flush with the ground. This makes them less likely to trip over and less likely to get broken by storms or lawn and yard tools. Above-ground path lights give you more choices for decorating. They can be as simple as a baton or as fancy as a hanging lantern.

Start Your Walkway Lighting Journey Today

Smart Technology Paired With Quality Products

With the incorporation of Lutron Smart Bridge technology, you’ll be able to have full control of your outdoor lighting system on all your mobile devices.  Easily set up times for your lights to turn on and off, create settings for certain moods or occasions, and even change their color and intensity.  All of our products come from premium manufacturers that provide a lifetime guarantee and a variety of styles and materials to choose from.

Maintaining Your System

In order to lengthen the lifespan of your low-voltage yard lighting system, we offer a maintenance agreement that covers two visits per year. In addition to making repairs, the members of our crew will also clean the lights, remove any debris that may be clinging to them, and make any necessary adjustments to the fixtures.

Beautify Your Paths with Walkway Lighting in Brewster, NY

Contact Lit Landscapes at (845) 403-1556 or online to begin the first steps of your outdoor lighting project.  We’ll work closely to understand your space and walkway lighting needs and provide you with an estimate.  We’ll then schedule a time to come out to your property to fully scope out the work, create the contract, and set up an installation date.