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Entrance Door Lighting in Brewster, NY and surrounding areas

Entrance door lighting services that help you create the perfect welcome

Having your gate or front entrance well-lit does more than just make a great first impression. It is crucial to have proper entrance door lighting in these areas for your home’s safety and security. Newcomers will have no trouble finding your front door if it is well-lit, and you’ll be able to see who’s knocking and deter potential burglars. With the help of Lit Landscapes exterior lighting services, you can have an inviting space that is well-lit for both you and your guests.

Illuminating Your Space with Entrance Door Lighting

Our staff is well-versed in designing and implementing entrance door lighting systems for outdoor areas, and we take pride in our ability to provide our clients with lighting that is both aesthetically pleasing and simple to operate. Our cutting-edge Lutron Smart Bridge technology powers all of our low-voltage lighting solutions, letting you control your lights from anywhere with your smartphone, smart home device, or smart light switches. Our entrance door lighting fixtures are built to last with a lifetime guarantee and high-quality materials like brass, bronze, and even black.

Start Your Entrance Door Lighting Journey Today

Maintaining Your Lights

Our exterior lighting services don’t just stop as soon as the lights turn on.  It’s important to our team that your lighting system is also maintained and serviced twice a year.  We’ll clean your lights so they shine light new, make repairs, and readjust fixtures as needed.

Getting Started

When you first contact Lit Landscapes, we will meet to discuss your project’s lighting and audio requirements, during which time we will also prepare an estimate and review the job’s scope. The next step is for us to visit your home, where we’ll give you a comprehensive estimate, draft a legally binding contract, and set up an installation date.

Reach Out Today for Your Entrance Door Lighting Services

Start the process of creating a warm welcome for your entrance door lighting today by contacting Lit Landscapes.  You can fill out our form online, or give us a call at (845) 403-1556.