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Outdoor Lighting Services in Brewster, NY

Outdoor Lighting and Audio Services throughout Brewster

Throughout Brewster and the surrounding areas, Lit Landscapes can help you create the outdoor retreat of your dreams. Together, the visual and aural elements of light and sound in your landscapes can create the ideal environment for relaxation and entertainment, and that’s exactly what our outdoor lighting and audio services are here to do for you.

We offer low-voltage lighting solutions incorporating Lutron Smart Bridge technology, which permits complete light management via a mobile device, an appliance in the home, or smart switches. We stand behind the quality of our brass, bronze, and black fixtures for the product’s lifetime.


Our Lighting Services

When you first start working with Lit Landscapes, we’ll have a conversation about your needs for lighting and audio services to not only create an estimate, but also review the job and the necessary scope of work. The next step is for us to visit your home, where we will present you with a detailed proposal, create a legally binding contract, and arrange a convenient time for the installation.


Audio Services

Outdoor audio services provide the perfect opportunity to take your entertainment outside. Whether it’s a large party or an intimate gathering, outdoor sound systems can make all the difference in setting the right atmosphere for any occasion. With advanced technology, high-quality speakers, and expert installation services, outdoor audio services can help create an event like no other.


Step One

Get a Free Quote


Schedule Lighting & Audio Services

Schedule your service; our outdoor lighting and audio technicians will guide you through your lighting or audio installation or service.

STEP Three

Enjoy your Outdoor Lighting and Audio Landscapes!

Enjoy your new landscapes,  our lighting and audio landscape techniciancs take pride in all of our services and you will be happy with your end result!